Cassius Pedigree

Pedigree of Skronedale Cassius af Flushmore

Sundhed: A Hofter, 00 på albuer, øjenlyst FRI for cataract og PRA
DNA FRI: PRA, AMS, FN, Fucosidosis, PFKD, SPS

OFTW Sliabh Henry

FTCH Helmsway Heath

Championship winner 2014

INT. FTCH Sliabh Treasure
Championship winner 2016

FTCH Clangregor Albammach of Biteabout

INT FTCH Helmsway Honey

FTW Raven Inquest

Cheweky Riggly of Sliabh

INT FTCH Hattonswood Brow

FTCH Clangregor Cronan

FTCH Steadroc Sker
Championship winner 2001

INT FTCH Craighaar Charisma

FTW Minstrels Jack Flash

Tara of Gwenfo

Finno Whirlwind of Cheweky

Cheweky Ivysaur

FTCH Cowarnecourt Midnight Sun

FTCH Esgob Esteem

OFTW Beggarbush Elen of Cowarnecourt

INT FTCH Skronedale Romulus

FTCH Esgob Becky

OFTW Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove

FTCH Steadroc Setlands of Beggarbush

FTCH Clarburgh Art

FTCH Merlinsbrook Evita

FTW Bryngwrhyd Ivan

FTW Countryways Little Tern of Glancarw

FTW Bridevalley Hothead

FTCH Rhyw Ddu Elen

FTCH Clarburgh Art

OFTW Chilview Ann of Steadroc